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We start with where you are ... and where you want to go.

Effective coaching, to employ the obvious sports analogy, requires an understanding of how you play the game. Where do your greatest strengths lie? What needs to be tweaked? What bad habits need to be corrected?

My approach is to start by asking lots of questions and actively listening to your responses. Once you've had the chance to articulate your objectives and we have identified any challenges or obstacles you are facing, we will establish a strategy for moving forward.

The pace of work is up to you. My role is to support your career exploration, help you refine the building blocks of your brand

(resume, LinkedIn profile, cover letters) and provide you with constructive

and actionable feedback.


I offer all prospective clients a free 15 minute session to determine if my coaching style will be right for you. The right "fit" is essential to a successful coaching relationship!

Sessions can be arranged in person, by phone or via Skype.

When you want to get started you can contact me


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